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Exersises - Упражнения

Артикль Существительное Прилагательное Глагол
Наречие Предлог Местоимение Спряжение глагола
Числительное Структура предложения Условное предложение Диалоги


По ответу на каждую из реплик диалога нужно правильно сформулировать вопрос и вписать его в соответствующее окошко.

    Действующие лица:
    Alien Инопланетянин
    Painter Художник

Автор диалога: Ациль, 66 лет
Present Simple, Present Progressive, Modals
Alien - Hey, you! ?
Painter - Oh, G-d! Of course, I see you.
Alien - Fine. ?
Painter - That 'strange pair of things', as you call it, are my boots.
Alien - How interesting. ?
Painter - Sure, you may examine them. And I must leave, it's a matter of great urgency.
Alien - Hey, hey, wait! ?
Painter - Yes, I'm scared. I'm freaked out.
Alien - ?
Painter - No, it's not because you took my boots. You can have them, I don't care, just leave me alone.
Alien - ?
Painter - I'm running away again because I'm afraid you'll get me and put me into the cage, like a bird.
Alien - I didn't even think of it. ?
Painter - This 'thing with the nasty stuff' that I inhale is my pipe.
Alien - And ?
Painter - 'That set of colourful things' are my paints.
Alien - ?
Painter - Yes, they serve to make me merry, if you put it like that.
Alien - It's so nice here, such beautiful little creatures jumping and flying about. And that song you're tuning. ?
Painter - No, you're not singing it correctly. Let's try to sing it together. Like this: tra-la-la-la...

Автор диалога: Эйтан, 16 лет
Present Simple, Present Progressive, Modals
Alien - ?
Painter - No, life on our planet isn't easy at all. It's complicated and there are a lot of problems and dangers here.
Alien - ?
Painter - I'm humming this tune all the time because it helps me feel safe and relax.
Alien - ?
Painter - No, not all the people must hum this tune to feel safe.
Alien - ?
Painter - I am carrying that box with me because I need it to paint the sky, the flowers, the butterflies.
Alien - ?
Painter - No, it doesn't make me feel safe, but it makes me happy.
Alien -
Painter - No, not all the people paint in order to be happy. Many of them find other ways to achieve happiness.
Alien - ? It's really interesting!
Painter - Yes, I could tell you about those other ways, though some of them might seem rather strange to you. Well, people dance, party, work for their happiness. Or they play games… sometimes for money, which makes them happy.
Alien - ?
Painter - It's an item you can use to pay for goods or services.
Alien - ?
Painter - There are many ways to get it. You can earn it, or get it from your parents, or steal it.
Alien - ?
Painter - No, I can't make it myself, but there are some people who can.
Alien - ?
Painter - No, making money by yourself isn't the best way of obtaining it. People who do it are sent to jail for counterfeiting.
Alien - I fail to understand it. Life on Earth is really complicated.

Автор диалога: Даниэль, 14 лет
Present Simple, Present Perfect
Painter - ?
Alien - I come from Saturn.
Painter - ?
Alien - The purpose of my coming to Earth is to pick up information about it and about the creatures that inhabit it.
Painter - ?
Alien - This information is so important for us because we are changing our planet using new things we find all around the Galaxy.
Painter - ?
Alien - I have discovered the new good music, and those nice multicoloured little things flying about, and a very good climate.
Painter - ?
Alien - Saturn is a pretty cool planet.
Painter - Oh, I'd like to listen about it, too. ?
Alien - All the things we have there are cool. You know,the average temperature on Saturn is minus 178 degrees Celsius.
Painter - Oh, you mean that cool … ?
Alien - Yes, I have found out something special about the people. They seem to be cowards. Their technologies are backward. Obviously, they don't know to think properly.
Painter - ? Then you yourself don't know how to think !
Alien - No, I don't make my conclusions based on one person only. The thing is, you're not the first person on Earth I've talked to, but you didn't even take that into consideration. So I'm right when I say you don't know how to think.

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