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Exersises - Упражнения

Артикль Существительное Прилагательное Глагол
Наречие Предлог Местоимение Спряжение глагола
Числительное Структура предложения Условное предложение Диалоги

Стрекоза и муравей (регистрация в гостинице).

По ответу на каждую из реплик диалога нужно правильно сформулировать вопрос и вписать его в соответствующее окошко.

    Действующие лица:

Автор диалога: Anonymous
Present Simple, Present Progressive, Present perfect, Future Progressive, Modals
  - Good afternoon. Welcome to the Grand Forest Side Hotel. How may I help you?
- ?
  -Yes madam, we have got some vacancies here.
  - The room rate is one hundred and ninety dollars per night.
- ?
  - Yes, it's full board. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for that price. If you prefer half board or breakfast only, it will cost you less.
- I go for full board. ?
  - Sure, madam, we have both a sauna and a steam room here. I see you need them badly right now.
- No, I'm not paying with a credit card. I'm paying in cash.
  - ?
- I'll be staying till the end of the autumn and for the whole winter.
  - What?? ? !
- Yes, I carry all that cash money in my handbag.
  -, ma'am?
- Yes, you may ask me about my profession. I am a singer and a dancer. Actually, where I live, I'm a celebrity. They write poems about me.

    "Попрыгунья Стрекоза
    Лето красное пропела;
    Оглянуться не успела,
    Как зима катит в глаза..."

- and so on. Unfortunately, you don't understand Russian...


Renting an Apartment(US)/a Flat(UK) - циммеры

Автор диалога: Даша, 13 лет
Present Simple, Past Simple, Modals
- Welcome to our holiday villa, madam. You were very lucky to locate us. How did you get here? ? ...
-Yes, I walked. My car got stuck in the snow. , please?
-Yes, you can rent a flat here. Do you want a one-room flat? We have very nice studios with cooking facilities and a bathroom...outside.
-Not really, thank you! I don't want a one-room flat. I would rather have a one-bedroom flat, since I need a room for my guests. ?
- It's 1300.
- No, we don't serve meals here. We're on a self-catering basis. Your flat contains a fully equipped kitchen.
-But I don't know how to cook! ?
-Yes, there is a restaurant nearby. It's in the village.
-No, it's not far from here. Actually, it's about 30 minutes' walk. ?
-Absolutely. You may see my passport and a credit card … Oh, my! I can't find them. I must have forgotten them in the boutique when I was paying for my handbag and umbrella! ?
-Unfortunately, I can't. We have no telephone here, ma'am, let alone the fax machine.
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